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Our value is the experience, imagination, and organizational detail that we bring to each project.

Stefani Longshamp
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With over 15 years’ experience in the event industry spanning from grassroots campaigns, nonprofit galas, large outdoor community festivals to now corporate experiences and exhibits, Dani prides herself in bringing my expertise in creating powerful and innovative designs to impact your attendees. Of all of her expertise in the event and experiential marketing industry, her specialty lies in branded installations such as trade show booths, pop-ups events, mobile road show trucks... and even office and storefront builds.

Stefani Long's Work

Stefani Long's Work

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Max Reinert
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​Having founded Fellsway Media in 2008, Ryan brings 15+ years of experience in live events, creative media, and digital marketing with an innate ability to realize seamless integration between vision and end result. As a life-long entrepreneur in the field, he never misses a beat and is always one step ahead of the game.  Bringing to the table a wide skill-set ranging from engaging marketing strategies to video editing, drone piloting to stage management, professional photography to immersive event design, and nearly anything in between, he's ready to go above and beyond at every available opportunity.